What does a fire watch person do?

Defined: A fire watch is a person or persons assigned to monitor either a portion of or the whole building for the purpose of protecting the occupants from fire or similaremergencies.

Is a Firewatch a real job?

Yes, being a fire lookout is a real job! If you played through Firewatch with the Developer Commentary, you'll hear all kinds of tidbits about them interviewing people about the job, reading books on the experience and researching real aspects of being a fire lookout.

What is a fire watch position?

A fire watch/hole watch professional is a safety position commonly found in industrial fields. This role involves monitoring work that creates a potential fire hazard or monitoring workers as they complete tasks in a confined space. Basic knowledge of fire suppression is valuable in this type of position.

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How long is a fire watch required for hot work?

The fire watch must remain on site for a minimum of 60 minutes to monitor for smoldering fires, per NFPA 51B. The permit authorizing individual could require the fire watch to remain on site longer depending on the conditions of the work site.

When a worker is assigned the responsibility of providing a fire watch the worker?

Individuals assigned to fire watch duty shall be responsible for extinguishing spot fires and communicating an alarm. 3504.2.

How much do you get paid to Firewatch?

Firewatch Salary

Annual SalaryWeekly Pay
Top Earners$28,500$548
75th Percentile$27,000$519
25th Percentile$25,000$480

Do fire watch jobs still exist?

Fire lookouts can be paid staff or volunteer staff. Some volunteer organizations in the United States have started to rebuild, restore and operate aging fire lookout towers. Although it was considered as “man's work” in the U.S., women have been doing the job almost from its beginnings.

Do fire lookouts have Internet?

We don't have cable television or high-speed internet. We get paid to look out the window all day.” Almost all are manned by just one person but some have couples, such as Chuck Manning, 71, head of the Northwest Montana chapter of the Forest Fire Lookout Association, and his wife.

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