How do I become a locator?

To become a certified locator, you need to have a bachelor's degree in electrical or civil engineering and also have experience in electrical and power transmission installation. A locator would be required to work under different conditions, so good physical strength, endurance, and stability are needed for this role.

What are locators responsible for?


Underground Facility Locators may be responsible for locating, marking and mapping the approximate alignment of buried facilities.

Is being a utility locator hard?

Stressful, low pay, no time with family

Be prepared to work tons of hours, with little to no time with family! They provide the tools necessary to learn to be a utility locator. Hardest part of the job was dealing with the messed up management.

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What is a locator company?

A utility locator service provider visits the site before work or digging begins and locates the exact placement and depth of each type of utility on the property. With this information, workers can safely and confidently go about their business.

What is a buried facility operator?

Buried facility operators are those with the right to bury facilities in public road. allowances, public rights of way, utility rights of way and highway rights of way.

What are buried facility operators responsible for?

Requesting that buried facility operators identify and mark the locations of their facilities that could be in conflict with a ground disturbance before the ground disturbance takes place. Meeting with locators to explain the scope and extent of the ground disturbance.

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