How do you know if an article is a nursing journal?

Click on the title of the journal you're looking for, and it will bring you to the publication detail for that journal. If you scroll down, you can see the subjects that the journal covers. If Nursing is in there, it's safe to say it's a Nursing journal.

Where can I find nursing journal articles?

The best way to find nursing research articles is by using the database CINAHL (Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature). The CINAHL Plus with Full Text database is also available from the Health Sciences Library list of databases.

How do you write a nursing journal article?

  • Draw on Your Expertise. When writing an article for a nursing journal, adhering to the adage “write what you know” is critical.
  • Do Your Research.
  • Become Familiar with Nursing Journals.
  • Choose an Article Type.
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    What is original nursing research?

    Original research is considered a primary source.

    it is the report of a study written by the researchers who actually did the study. the researchers describe their hypothesis or research question and the purpose of the study. the researchers detail their research methods.

    Is journal of Community health a nursing journal?

    About the Journal

    It is a specialized field of nursing that focuses on the health needs of communities, aggregates, and in particular vulnerable populations. It is a practice that is continuous and comprehensive directed towards all groups of community members.

    What do journal articles look like?

    Definitions. Journal articles are shorter than books and written about very specific topics. A journal is a collection of articles (like a magazine) that is published regularly throughout the year. Journals present the most recent research, and journal articles are written by experts, for experts.

    Why should nurses read nursing journals?

    The nursing literature serves as a primary means of communicating new knowledge to nurses. Readers turn to the literature to learn about new studies, locate evidence to guide and change their practice, and keep up to date.

    Are nursing journals reliable?

    The Open Nursing Journal, a peer-reviewed journal, is an important and reliable source of current information on developments in the field. The emphasis will be on publishing quality papers rapidly and freely available to researchers worldwide.

    How can a nurse publish a paper?

  • Recognize the Opportunity.
  • Choose a Compelling Topic.
  • Beware the Common Pitfalls.
  • Research Potential Publishers.
  • Study the Writers' Guidelines.
  • Be Patient.
  • Prepare Yourself for the Process.
  • Try Again.
  • How do you write a nursing reflective journal?

    Be clear in what side of the issue you are at. As a nursing student, reflect on the nursing theorists' work or the case studies that have influenced you. Connect it with your ideas and a subject of reflection. This way you can research the issue and support yourself with the facts and academic evidence.

    How do you write a nursing journal Review?

  • Choose a topic.
  • Review the guidelines provided for the assignment.
  • Search for relevant articles.
  • Read and evaluate the articles.
  • Synthesize the literature.
  • Summarize and discuss the articles in your writing.
  • Identify gaps in the current research on your topic.
  • What journals do nurses read?

    Nursing Children and Young People covers evidence-based practice in child health nursing. It promotes excellence in neonatal, infant, and young people's care.

    What is the best nursing journal to subscribe to?

    10 Best Publications for Nurses

  • The American Nurse.
  • The Open Nursing Journal.
  • International Journal of Nursing.
  • Applied Nursing Research.
  • Clinical Simulation in Nursing.
  • Nursing Education Perspectives.
  • Journal of Advanced Nursing.
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