What are the duties of a patient liaison?

Patient liaisons coordinate communication between patients and their families and the healthcare professionals providing their care. They often perform support tasks such as scheduling appointments, interpreting and communicating procedures and policies and answering questions about insurance and billing matters.

What type of education does it require to be a patient liaison?

The education needed to be a Patient Liaison is normally a Bachelor's Degree. Patient Liaisons usually study Business, Nursing or Health Care Administration. 51% of Patient Liaisons hold a Bachelor's Degree and 22% hold a Associate Degree.

What makes a good patient liaison?

Patient Liaison Requirements:

An understanding of medical insurance policies. Excellent interpersonal skills. Excellent communication skills. Relative physical strength to lift or move patients.

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What are some examples of professional skills and personal characteristics that a patient liaison should have?

Let's take a look at the five most important traits of a successful physician liaison:

  • A Naturally outgoing, engaging personality.
  • Masters of problem resolution.
  • Healthcare industry expertise.
  • Strong analytic skills.
  • Organized and self-motivated.
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