What does PSE clerk stand for?

Mail Processing Clerk (MPC) is a full-time career position that comes with the famous complete Postal benefits package. PSE Mail Processing Clerk (PSE MPC) is an entry level job that can lead a to career position. (PSE stands for Postal Support Employee).

What does PSE stand for job?

PSE Processing Clerk stands for "Postal Supplemental Employee". This position is a non-career position with an opportunity to be a career employee. The work is easy; however, it's a fast-paced, repetitive environment with required lifting, bending, and repetitious movements.

Is being a PSE hard?

Physically challenging and mentally at times, when dealing with management. As a PSE, you are expected to work over 8 hours just about every day, no exceptions, especially on holidays. You end up doing the most physically demanding tasks that career employees don't necessarily want to perform.

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Can a PSE clerk transfer?


USPS has been allowing PSE clerks to transfer to another installation. USPS has involuntarily moved PSE clerks from one installation to another.

How often do PSE get a raise?

The five pay increases the PSEs receive included three general increases of 2.3%, 2.1%, 2.0%, and two additional increases of 20 cents each (PSEs do not receive COLA). Overall, a Level 6 PSE received a total of $2.07 per hour during the current contract. Any future pay increases will be based on the next contract.

Is PSE seasonal?

PSE Mail Processing Clerk it's really a 1 month seasonal job.

How many days in a row can a PSE work?

Both PSE and CCA can be worked 360 days in a row.

Does PSE work on Christmas?

PSEs receive the following 6 paid holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. PSEs who work on a holiday will have the option to have their annual leave balance credited with annual leave or receive holiday pay.

Can PSE bid on jobs?

no PSE's, can not bid after one year. RCAs can bid after one year. They aren't required to convert PSEs if there is a vacancy. I am more confused now more than ever..from that question/answer document information you just posted, pse's are converted only, and no I see nothing about bidding on jobs after a year.

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