What does CCA certificate mean?

Certified Coding Associate (CCA®)

Coding professionals who hold the CCA credential have demonstrated coding competency across all settings, including hospitals and physician practices. Exhibit a level of commitment, competency, and professional capability that is valued by employers.

What is the difference between a CCA and CCS certification?

AHIMA's CCA credential distinguishes coders by exhibiting their commitment to the profession and demonstrating coding competencies across all settings – including hospitals and physician practices. AHIMA's CCS credential demonstrates a practitioner's mastery level coding proficiency.

What can I do with a CCA certification?

  • Health Care Administrative Services.
  • Medical Administrative Secretary or Assistant.
  • Medical Office Administration.
  • Medical and Clinical Management.
  • Medical Records Administration.
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    Which is harder CPC or CCS?

    Exam difficulty

    Based on your understanding of medical terminology, insurance reimbursement procedures and diagnostic coding, the CCS examination may be more challenging than the CPC test. In addition, AHIMA allows candidates to take the CCS exam only one time.

    Which is the best medical coding certification?

    The Best Online Medical Billing and Coding Classes of 2021

  • Best Overall: American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)
  • Best Budget: Hutchinson Community College.
  • Best Variety: American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC)
  • Best Self-Paced: Florida A&M University.
  • Best for Structure: University of Cincinnati.
  • How much does the CCA exam cost?

    Eligibility Extension Fees and Policy

    AcronymExam NameMember price
    CCACertified Coding Associate$199
    CCSCertified Coding Specialist$299
    CCS-PCertified Coding Specialist - Physician Based$299
    RHITRegistered Health Information Technician$229

    How do I become a CCA?

    Typically someone who wants to be a CCA must have a bachelor's degree in agriculture and have at least two years experience working in crop advising. Without a degree, it usually takes four years of relevant experience to gain certification. Pass a series of international/provincial exams.

    How much do medical coders make?

    As of May 2017, the mean (average) medical secretary/medical coder salary was $35,870 per year. The median annual wage was $34,610, which means half of these workers earned less than that and half earned more. The top 10% earned over $50,340.

    Can you take the CCA exam at home?

    This exam is computer-delivered. You will have 2 hours to complete 90 scored and 10 pretest, multiple-choice questions. A request for special testing accommodations must accompany your registration application.

    What is a passing score for the CCA exam?

    The CCA exam is two hours long and consists of 100 multiple choice questions. A passing score is 58 out of 90 scored items.

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