What does DTS mean in military?

The Defense Travel System (DTS) is a fully integrated, automated, end-to-end travel management system that enables DoD travelers to create authorizations (TDY travel orders), prepare reservations, receive approvals, generate travel vouchers, and receive a split reimbursement between their bank accounts and the

How do Marines use DTS?

Who can use DTS?

A Service member, a DoD civilian employee, a dependent of a Service member or civilian employee, and an invitational traveler may use DTS for Temporary Duty (TDY) travel.

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What is a DTS authorization?

A DTS authorization is a document used to generate a cost estimate for official travel outside your local area and obtain approval for the trip.

How long is DTS training good for?

➢ Training is MANDATORY and must be renewed every three years.

Is DTS mandatory?

Notable Policy Effective 9/1: Mandatory Use of DTS/CTO for Lodging Reservations. As of September 1, 2015, the Joint Travel Regulations (JTR) will require travelers going TDY to use the Defense Travel System (DTS) to book lodging, both government quarters (when available in DTS) and commercial lodging.

How long does DTS take to approve?

As a rule of thumb, DTS (in conjunction with your organization's official accounting system) repays travelers within three business days of the Authorizing Official (AO) approving the traveler's voucher*.

Who is the CTO in DTS?

The CTO SUBMIT status indicates that DTS submitted the traveler's reservation requests to the Travel Management Company (which DTS sometimes calls “CTOs”) for booking.

How do you do DTS in the army?

Is DTS going away?

The Department of Defense has approved a new contract to replace its current Defense Travel System, or DTS, reporting process. The new travel system will be phased in over the next three years. The DoD anticipates that all leave, medical, training and exercise travel will be processed through it by 2025.

What is the primary difference between an NDEA and other travel preparers?

What is the primary difference between an NDEA and other travel preparers? Only NDEA can sign a voucher for travelers. You just studied 10 terms!

Why won't DTS work on my computer?

Many of the issues are being caused by the pop-up blocker not accepting DTS. To resolve, DTS must be included in your browser's Pop-up Blocker Allowed Sites. If the page does not remain open long enough for you to press the "Allow" button in the pop-up banner, it will need to be allowed manually via settings.

How do I log into DTS army?

  • Click the "Tools" button in the menu bar.
  • Select "Internet Options."
  • Click the "Privacy" tab.
  • Under the "Settings" section, move the slider to the "Medium" setting to allow cookies from trusted sites.
  • Click the "Apply" button.
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