What is Exstream Dialogue?

Exstream Dialogue1 is a high-performance enterprise personalization solution that combines document creation, campaign management, multi-channel delivery, and Web application development into one easy-to-use software suite. Dialogue is designed to be the single. solution needed by an organization.

What is exstream empower?

Exstream Empower Editor

Empower is a smart application that responds to user input by automatically populating customer communications with pre-approved content, and can be easily deployed on a standard web browser, without any additional download or installation.

What is Opentext command center?

For all of your Exstream interactive, on-demand and high-volume applications, Command Center provides a deadline-driven production and job management system. It lets you create reusable jobs with interchangeable phases that can be prioritized and optimized in order to meet service level agreements (SLAs).

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What is Quadient and CCM?

Quadient Inspire, our leading customer communications management (CCM) platform, enables you to create and deliver personalized, compliant customer communications across all channels, from a single centralized platform.

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