What perks do you get with specialist bonus?

Once Specialist Bonus is equipped, players will instantly have the following perks enabled:

  • Double Time.
  • E.O.D.
  • Scavenger.
  • Kill Chain.
  • Quick Fix.
  • Restock.
  • Hardline.
  • High Alert.
  • What is the first specialist perk bonus?

    The Specialist Bonus unlocks every class perk and every weapon perk for both weapons the player has. This gives the user a huge advantage over his opponents during gunfights.

    What is specialist perk?

    The Warzone Specialist Bonus provides the players with all of the standard perks that are available in the game. These perks help to turn the player into a formidable opponent. On top of the standard perks, the players also get weapon perks and an increase in Sprint Speed by +10.

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    How do I get a specialist?

  • Get all three keycards in the Stadium.
  • Head to the top level.
  • Use the code to open the computer screen. Can be found in the previous storerooms.
  • Pick up the Specialist Bonus.
  • How do you earn the complete specialist bonus?

    4 Answers. The specialist bonus is given when you achieve an 8 kill streak with the Specialist package (or 7 kill streak if you have Hardline).

    What's the specialist bonus in warzone?

    As attention begins to turn towards the launch of Season 6, many players are beginning to wonder how to get their hands on the elusive Specialist Bonus, a token that grants access to every single Perk available in the game, transforming you into one of the strongest players in the entire lobby.

    How do you unlock specialists in modern warfare?

  • Open Custom Loadouts.
  • Cycle to the perks menu and open it.
  • Beside your three selected perks, you will see the option “Activate Specialist.” Select this option and you'll then notice you have twice as many perks available.
  • Add your new perks and apply.
  • How do you use the specialist bonus in modern warfare?

    Does specialist work in war zone?

    Unfortunately for Warzone players, they won't be able to jump into the mode with this perk equipped. That's because Specialist simply has no effect in Warzone.

    How do you get 6 perks in modern warfare?

    Can you get 6 perks in warzone?

    Players can use up to three perks simultaneously in Call of Duty: Warzone to boost their in-game combat abilities. There are 18 perks available in Call of Duty: Warzone for players to choose from. Players are provided with only three perk-slots to equip these boosts.

    What are the legendary Guns in warzone?

    All Legendary Weapon Blueprints In Call of Duty: Warzone

  • Cerise (FN SCAR 17)
  • Cerulean (Kilo 141)
  • Code Breaker (FR 5.56)
  • Corrupter (RAM-7)
  • Devourer (Oden)
  • Dusk Ripper (AK-47)
  • Glitchy Trigger (RAM-7)
  • Jubilee (M13)
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