What is the role of the interviewer when preparing for an interview?

Be Prepared

Before starting the interview, the interviewer should carefully review the candidate's cover letter, resume, background information and references. It is important to keep questions focused and relevant so they are tailored to individual job candidates.

How can I be a better interviewer?

  • Take time to prepare.
  • Put thought into your questions.
  • Review the candidate's information before the interview.
  • Decide on a structure to follow for each interview.
  • Implement a standard rating system.
  • Practice good listening skills.
  • What does the interviewer focus on during the interview?

    Job seekers typically go to job interviews expecting the employer to be focused on their experience, education and skills. Below are the qualities that employers generally look for in an interview through observing your demeanor, personality, and attitude as well as processing your answers to their questions.

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