Do horticulturists make good money?

According to, the mid-range salary for horticulturalists is $27,237 to $44,567. Wages fluctuate based on your job, with landscapers earning between $32,500 and $51,000, and agricultural positions paying $37,210 to $48,750 per year.

What is the minimum salary for horticulture?

As a fresher, you can earn 1.8 to 2.5 lacs per year. After gaining experience, you will get the hike in your salary. District Horticulture Officers receives an annual salary of 3,00,000 lacs.

What is the salary of agriculture development officer?

Agriculture Development Officer salary in India ranges between ₹ 0.3 Lakhs to ₹ 12.5 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 3.2 Lakhs. Salary estimates are based on 42 salaries received from Agriculture Development Officers.

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Is horticulture a good career option?

The field of horticulture holds ample scope. Horticulturists can find jobs in institutes of horticulture, in plantations, vegetable farms as well as fruit groves. Advancement in horticultural technology, increasing product demands, and a growing export industry make this an extremely lucrative career option.

Is horticulture easy?

Horticulture is easy or tough is a subjective question and what may be easy for you may be difficult for someone else. So,it depends on your strong subjects, interests, etc. that whether you will find a course easy or tough.

What is the salary of BSc horticulture in India?

Comparison between B.Sc Agriculture and B.Sc Horticulture

ParameterB.Sc AgricultureB.Sc Horticulture
Starting salaryRs. 1.80 to Rs. 2.50 Lacs Per AnnumRs 1.80 to Rs. 2.40 Lacs Per Annum

What is BSc in horticulture?

Bachelor of Science in Horticulture Science, also known as BSc Horticulture, is a 3 to 4 years long undergraduate degree course which deals with the science of breeding (both Conventional and Hybrid) vegetables, cereals, fruits, orchids and other plants. There is no such national level entrance exam for this course.

What is the salary of BDO?

The basic salary of UP BDO is Rs. 9300 to 34800, as per the pay band PB2 based on 7 th CPC.

UP BDO Salary 2021.

Pay BandPB 2
Basic PayRs. 9300 to 34800
Grade PayRs. 4,200
Annual SalaryRs. 2,66,400 to Rs.4 lack /- per annum

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