Is it free to post on ZipRecruiter?

ZipRecruiter is free for job seekers, but it charges employers for posting jobs, depending on the number of jobs they post, the number of users they need, and other features they may want access to.

Does ZipRecruiter sell your information?

At ZipRecruiter, we respect your privacy and have created tools to help give you more control over your personal information. Your privacy is our priority, and we do not monetize your personal information by selling it to third parties.

Can recruiters use ZipRecruiter?

ZipRecruiter makes finding candidates faster and easier. Recruiters can use ZipRecruiter to expand their pool of candidates without the pain of posting to dozens of job boards, and without wasting time on unqualified job seekers.

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How do I delete my ZipRecruiter account?

  • Select Me in the upper right corner once you're logged into your account.
  • Tap Account Settings in the menu.
  • Tap Delete Account.
  • What countries is ZipRecruiter in?

    ZipRecruiter only allows job postings to the US (including Puerto Rico and other US territories), and Canada at this time. We are constantly working to increase our areas of expertise, so stay tuned!

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