What jobs can I get with bachelors in exercise science?

Exercise Science Careers that require Bachelor's Degrees

  • Athletic Director.
  • Community Program Director.
  • Kinesiologist.
  • Massage Therapist.
  • Athletic Trainer (ATC)
  • Physical Education Teacher.
  • Recreation and Sports Director.
  • Registered Nurse.
  • Is exercise science a useless degree?

    A degree in exercise science is not worth it unless you want to go to graduate school or genuinely care about the knowledge. The jobs a bachelor's degree in exercise science prepares you for. The jobs a graduate degree in exercise science prepares you for.

    Can you teach with an exercise science degree?

    Education in exercise science can lead to entry-level careers, such as fitness instructors and program directors, or act as the starting point for further education and careers such as doctors and occupational therapists.

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    Is exercise science a good major for physical therapy?

    Over 30% of doctor of physical therapy applicants majored in exercise science as undergraduates. Physical therapists work to help those who have issues in functional movement, so an exercise science degree is a great way to start understanding the mechanisms addressed by PT.

    Is sport science a good career?

    A Sports Science degree is a great stepping stone to other professions. and if you get a high grade some fantastic options open up. But if you are unsure of your career path then it opens out many options. Physio, teaching, PT, medical testing, sports coaching, strength & conditioning an the list goes on.

    What do sport and exercise scientists do?

    What does a sport and exercise scientist do? Sport and exercise scientists help people improve their sporting performance, recover from injuries or better their general health and wellbeing. For example, analysing the response of a person's cardiovascular system to exercise and developing appropriate training programs.

    WHAT A levels do you need to be a sports scientist?

    Science subjects at A Level (or equivalent) such as biology, chemistry, maths, physical education, physics, psychology or sports – they're not required by all unis, but they will be helpful.

    Is exercise science considered a professional degree?

    Before we dive into potential job or career opportunities, we'd like to make one thing clear to all current and prospective students: a bachelor's in Exercise Science is not considered a “professional” degree.

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