What jobs can you get with a bachelor's in sociology?

Job Titles for Sociology Majors and Minors

  • Banker.
  • Business analyst.
  • Consumer relations specialist.
  • Human resources manager.
  • Market analyst.
  • Merchandiser/purchaser.
  • Project manager.
  • Quality control manager.
  • Is sociology a useless degree?

    Yes, sociology is a good major for many undergraduate students. The Bureau of Labor Statistics is projecting 5% job growth in life, physical, and social science occupations over the next 10 years.

    Is sociology a hard major?

    Most jobs which require sociological degrees are academic. It is an easy major to get into, but incredibly hard to graduate from if you went to a good program. I highly recommend picking a school which prides itself on its sociology research.

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    Should I do sociology or psychology?

    If you want to learn more about social structures and human society at the macro-level, sociology will be worth exploring. If you're more interested in learning about individual human behavior within those macro-level social structures, then psychology might be more appropriate for your intellectual curiosity.

    Should I major in sociology or social work?

    What is the Difference Between a Sociology Degree and a Social Work Degree? Sociology and social work are two related fields which both deal with the relationships of human beings to their social environments. Social work, while it deals with similar general issues to sociology, is typically a far more hands-on field.

    What can I expect from a sociology major?

    A sociology major focuses on the study of humans. Students in this major explore the diversity of social behavior and interactions. They seek to understand the human perspective by investigating different groups and institutions, such as religious sects, families, or gender and race.

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