Can I print my resume on regular paper?

It is perfectly acceptable to print your resume on a regular white piece of paper from home with your printer. Make sure that the paper you use is a regular, white piece of paper with no perforations or too similar to computer paper, used in the late 1980's.

Is it OK to print resume on cardstock?

For comparison of paper weight, don't print your resume on cardstock. For comparison of paper weight, definitely don't print your resume on a grocery bag.

Should I use white or ivory resume paper?

One thing to note is that colors such as 'ivory' may make your resume seem aged or yellowish. This is personal preference but we preferred to stick to simple, plain, white (or 'off white') colored paper.

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What type of paper should you avoid for a resume?

Laid Resume Paper

Avoid it if your resume has got many dark-colored elements that require a lot of ink or if you don't have a top-notch printer at hand. Laid paper, amongst all types of resume paper textures, is most likely to bring about printing errors.

Is 28 lb paper good for resumes?

We recommend using a 24 lb or 32 lb (90 - 120 gsm) paper for your resume. For comparison, the most common paper weight used for regular printer paper is 20 lb. The heavier the paper weight, the thicker the paper. A resume printed on 24 lb or 32 lb will feel slightly sturdier.

How thick should resume paper be?

If you're okay splurging, 32lb resume paper is the best option. It's weighty, thick, and has an impressive, official feel. 24lb paper, on the other hand, is more transparent and flimsy. However, it's an acceptable option if you want to save money.

Do you print on the textured side of resume paper?

Resume paper is often designed for one side to be printed on. If you look closely or run your fingers across each side of the page, you will see that one side is often linen-textured and the other side is smooth. Give the paper a test run and make sure the textured side is the one that you are printing on.

Should my resume have a picture?

Don't put a picture on your resume. Too many employers will toss it from fear of a discrimination lawsuit. Do add a logo to your resume to personalize it (if you like). Also include your LinkedIn address in your resume.

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