What questions should I ask a recruiter in an interview?

Questions to Ask Recruiters

  • Can you tell me more about the job?
  • What are the details of the role?
  • Why did the last person in this job leave?
  • How long has the job been open?
  • What are the top skills needed?
  • What is the company culture like?
  • Does the company have a remote work policy?
  • What questions should I ask during a phone interview?

  • Tell me a bit about yourself.
  • Why are you looking for a new position?
  • What about this position attracted you to apply?
  • Tell me about your current job responsibilities.
  • Describe your style of work in a few sentences.
  • How would your current skills be a match for this job?
  • What does a recruiter ask during a phone interview?

    The recruiter will ask you about your background, skills and experience to see if it's well-aligned with the open position. They may also be screening to see if you would be a good culture fit for the company. If all goes well, the recruiter will move you onto the next stage.

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    How do you ace a recruiter interview?

  • Prepare to Describe your work history BRIEFLY.
  • Explain why you're interested in interviewing with them.
  • Answering technical questions- don't freak out.
  • Ask your own questions at the end.
  • Always act like you want the job.
  • Don't ask for feedback on the spot.
  • Be human.
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