What questions do employers want you to ask?

Here are top questions you should absolutely ask an interviewer:

  • What's the next step in the interview/hiring process?
  • How long does your recruitment process usually take?
  • What are the primary responsibilities of the position?
  • What would my day-to-day routine look like if I got the job?
  • What are good questions to ask a CEO in an interview?

    Here are some common small talk topics.

  • Asking how their day or week has been.
  • Discussing your hobbies.
  • Asking about their weekend plans.
  • Asking how long they have been working at the company.
  • Do you have any questions for me examples?

    Example questions

  • Do you have any concerns about my candidacy?
  • Do feel I'm lacking in a particular area or skill set?
  • Do you think I am missing any qualifications needed for this position?
  • What are the goals the company has for the next year?
  • What is the company culture like?
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