What should you do upon receiving a job offer?

  • Let the employer know you saw the job offer.
  • Evaluate the job offer.
  • Provide a counteroffer.
  • Inform other potential employers.
  • Decline a job offer.
  • Send a thank-you email.
  • Avoid updating your job status online.
  • What questions should you ask when negotiating a job offer?

    Questions to ask when negotiating a job offer

  • Is this salary open to negotiations?
  • How did you calculate this salary offer?
  • Are there any opportunities to increase my salary in other ways?
  • How do you determine raises?
  • What is included in this compensation package?
  • Can we negotiate other factors besides my salary?
  • Should you negotiate a job offer?

    Some studies estimate that failing to negotiate can cost you up to $600,000 over the course of your career. So it's clear that salary negotiation is important. With very few exceptions, yes — you should always try to negotiate your salary.

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    How are job offers usually made?

    Job offers are made by employers when hiring and include key details about the job, compensation, and benefits. They can be delivered verbally or in writing, and employees can respond by accepting the offer, declining the offer, or negotiating the terms of the offer. Learn more about job offers and how they work.

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