What to say when you get offered a job?

  • "Thank you so much for the opportunity! I look forward to working with your company and helping grow the business.
  • "Thank you for the job offer! This is such a great opportunity with your company.
  • "Thank you so much for your time and for the opportunity to work with your company.
  • How should you act when offered a job?

  • Express appreciation. Thank the hiring manager for the offer.
  • Ask for a little time. You want to review your notes or talk to your partner or your mom before deciding.
  • Ask for an offer package.
  • Explain the other prospect.
  • Find out about follow-up.
  • Can I accept a job offer right away?

    While being respectful of the employer's time, it is perfectly acceptable to take one to two business days to make sure you fully understand the offer. If they ask you to respond immediately, ask politely if you can have 24 hours to review the terms.

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    Was offered a job?

    When a company says that they will hire you for a job, they are "offering" you the job. You say "I was offered a job" to talk about yourself when a company offers you a job. You can also say that you "got a job offer".

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