What do you talk about at a career fair?

7 Kinds of Questions to Ask at a Career Fair to Make a Great Impression

  • Ask About a Particular Role.
  • Ask About the Hiring Process.
  • Ask About Their Experience.
  • Ask About Growth and Development.
  • Ask About the Company's Products, Services, or Recent News.
  • Ask About Company Culture.
  • Ask How You Can Stay in Touch.
  • What questions do recruiters ask at career fairs?

    8 Questions To Ask Employers At A Career Fair

  • What career paths are available in your organization?
  • What is your hiring process like for college hires?
  • When will I know if I have a job offer at your company?
  • Do you offer training or mentoring to help me succeed in your company?
  • Who will I report to?
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