How do you politely ask for a pay raise?

Be straightforward in addressing your request for a raise to your manager. Tell the manager you are asking for the raise at this time because of the accomplishments and contributions you have made, and the additional responsibilities you have taken on. Be prepared with your documentation.

How do I prove I deserve a pay rise?

  • Skill Up to Get Ahead. If you've completed a new qualification, finished some training or are undertaking a new career development program, make sure your boss knows about it.
  • Go Above and Beyond.
  • Team Leadership.
  • Business Benefits.
  • A Case for Innovation.
  • Is a 10% salary increase good?

    Typically, it's appropriate to ask for a raise of 10-20% more than what you're currently making. You can also use various online websites that take into account your job title, geographic location and experience level when determining a reasonable raise.

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