What is your work style mean?

It's about your skills, what you know about yourself, and what you know about the industry and role you're applying for. When describing your work style, keep your answer focused on the job you're applying for.

How do you answer a work style question?

  • Consider your best work environment.
  • Consider your relationship with superiors.
  • Consider your speed and accuracy.
  • Be honest.
  • Be concise.
  • What is the work style of independent workers?

    While independent workers prefer to work on their own, others function best as part of a group. This professional working style is what we call cooperative. These workers enjoy working with others on projects and share responsibility for any task they take on.

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    How many work styles are there?

    Patrick Lencioni found there are 6 work styles people can have. You may even find that 2 different styles describe you best. These work styles are Wonder, Invention, Discernment, Galvanizing, Enablement, and Tenacity (and they conveniently make up the acronym WIDGET!).

    What is analytical working style?

    Analyticals: Analytical people are those who have a tendency towards perfectionism. They deal in facts, data, logic and details. They are sometimes slow to make decisions because they want to be sure before taking action. On the other hand, the decisions and information they provide are usually accurate and thoughtful.

    What is an innovative work style?

    When it comes to innovation, they enjoy working with ideas and concepts, and are proponents of the scientific method in their approach. They tend to be patient and focused on the long-term. Different industries and different organizational cultures value different types of innovation styles.

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