Should you follow up after a career fair?

Aim to send your career fair follow-up email within 24 hours of the event. That's especially true after a career fair ends. Typically, it takes a couple of days for a recruiter to sit down and sort through the mountain of messages they received as a result of the event.

How do you follow up with candidates after career fair?

Thank you so much for taking time and sending us your application for the position of [Job Title] at [Company Name]. After going through your application, we have decided that we will not be able to move forward at this point because [Reason]. As you progress, please feel free to apply for future openings.

When should I follow up with a recruiter?

The Short Answer: Follow up after at least five to seven business days. You went through the interview process, sent your “thank you” email, and then heard nothing but inbox crickets for a few days. Then, you received that dreaded message from the hiring manager. You know the one.

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How do I follow up on a job lead?

  • Always address your email to the hiring manager.
  • Keep your email short and to the point.
  • Be sure to spell-check and proofread your e-mail before sending it.
  • Remember to check your email regularly.
  • What information should be included in your follow up?

    Here are the steps you should take to write an impactful follow-up letter:

  • Use proper formatting and structure.
  • Add contact information and the date.
  • Include a salutation.
  • Express appreciation.
  • Express your enthusiasm.
  • Complimentary close and name.
  • How do I connect with recruiters on LinkedIn?

    Find a recruiter's email address under “Contact info” on his or her profile; if it's not there, send a message through LinkedIn. Send the recruiter a message describing your experience, qualifications, and what you're currently looking for in a few concise sentences, and attach your resume, too.

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