Will I lose my benefits if I quit my job?

If you had good cause to quit your job, you may still be eligible for unemployment benefits. Unemployment benefits are provided only to those who are out of work through no fault of their own. That means if you left your job voluntarily, you usually won't qualify for unemployment.

What pay do you get when you resign?

Thus, under the law, an employee who resigned is entitled to his final pay for work rendered, pro-rated thirteenth month pay and monetization of unused service incentive leaves.

What money do I get when I resign?

Generally, upon resignation or dismissal, an employee is entitled to be paid the notice pay where applicable, salary up to last day worked, plus any outstanding leave pay.

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Can I sue my employer for forcing me to resign?

The law of wrongful constructive termination (also known as wrongful constructive discharge) in California provides that you can sue an employer for wrongful termination even if you resigned rather than being fired.

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