Where did you go meaning?

Where did you go? is a simple past tense which means the person goes somewhere in the past which is a bit incorrect here as you are referring a present time frame.

Where did you go correct?

“Where did you go, yesterday?” is absolutely correct grammar. “Where did you went yesterday?” is absolutely wrong grammar. Conversation: “Where did you go, yesterday?” “I went to the store.”

Where did you go vs Where have you been?

'Where did you go? ' simple asks for the location and implies nothing. 'Where have you been? ' asks for location, but implies your departure has an effect in the present.

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Did you go anywhere or somewhere?

They're both correct. Usually, if you say “did you go anywhere nice”, you're implying that the person went to several places on vacation and you're asking if any of them were nice. If you say “somewhere” you're implying they went to one location.

Did you go Vs have you gone?

'Did' - is the simple past referring to a definite, completed action in the past that has no relation to the present. 'Have' - is the perfect, which also refers to a definite, completed action in the past, but which has a relation with the present.

Who did you go with or whom did you go with?

The pronoun “who” serves as the object of the preposition “with”; therefore, it should be “whom.” Technically, the questions should read, “Whom did you go with to the park?” and also “With whom did you go to the park.” Yet, in your question, the first proposed wording (“who did you go with to the park” is much more

How do you answer to where have you been?

Originally Answered: What is the answer to “where have you been”? If there isn't an obvious answer you are happy to share, just say “elsewhere”. Of course if you should have been with your friend but weren't, and don't want to say where, you can just apologise for not having been there.

When to use Where have you been?

To put it simply, "Where were you?" = "Where were you at a specific point in time (in the past)?" "Where have you been?" = "Where were you over a period of time (in the past)?" As you can see, they are often interchangeable.

Where have you bean meaning?

Definition of where have you been

: where were you? : why weren't you here?

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