Who do I address a cover letter to?

You should address a cover letter to the hiring manager of the job you're applying for, or the HR manager of the company. A basic cover letter salutation (or greeting) uses the hiring manager's first and last name, and includes a “Mr.”, “Ms.”, or other relevant professional title before their name.

What should you not do when writing a cover letter?

  • Highlighting any lack of skills.
  • Lack of attention to detail.
  • Remaining stuck in the past.
  • Talking money too soon.
  • Making it all about you.
  • What does an employer look for in a cover letter?

    Recruiters say your cover letter should be succinct and: Show how your achievements relate to the role. Highlight how your skills and work experience are what the employer needs. List your most significant achievements from previous roles.

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    Should you put your name at the top of a cover letter?

    Put Contact Information at the Top of Written Cover Letters

    Include your name, street address, city, state, and zip code, phone number, and email address on single-spaced separate lines.

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