How much does a whole body team member make at Whole Foods?

The typical Whole Foods Market Whole Body Team Member salary is $15 per hour. Whole Body Team Member salaries at Whole Foods Market can range from $12 - $18 per hour.

How much do team members get paid?

Team Member Salaries

Job TitleSalary
Target Team Member salaries - 1,121 salaries reported$15/hr
Walmart Team Member salaries - 970 salaries reported$22,718/yr
Taco Bell Team Member salaries - 814 salaries reported$22,718/yr
Chick-fil-A Team Member salaries - 779 salaries reported$13/hr

What is Costco salary?

Costco Wholesale in California Salaries

Job TitleLocationSalary
Stocker salaries - 48 salaries reportedCalifornia$16/hr
Stocker salaries - 42 salaries reportedCalifornia$17/hr
Cashier Assistant salaries - 41 salaries reportedCalifornia$16/hr
Front End Supervisor salaries - 37 salaries reportedCalifornia$28/hr

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How much does a Target employee make a week?

Target Team Member Salary in California

Annual SalaryWeekly Pay
Top Earners$71,766$1,380
75th Percentile$47,189$907
25th Percentile$23,102$444

How much do Walmart employees make? Jobs by Hourly Rate

Job TitleRangeAverage
Sales AssociateRange:$10 - $15Average:$12
StockerRange:$10 - $15Average:$12
Personal ShopperRange:$11 - $15Average:$13
Overnight StockerRange:$11 - $17Average:$13

Is Costco a good place to work 2021?

Costco is obviously known for having a terrific workplace environment, but it's not just the pay that makes it awesome. Employees enjoy lots of great benefits (more on that in a minute) and plenty of perks on the job as well. One of the best has to be the fact that they're able to shop after hours.

Will Costco hire felons?

Costco will hire employees with felonies on their record. Yes Costco Wholesale does through and complete background checks on all prospective hires. They also do drug screening.

How much is Kohl's paying?

Kohl's Corporation Jobs by Hourly Rate

Job TitleRangeAverage
Retail Sales AssociateRange:$9 - $14Average:$10
CashierRange:$8 - $14Average:$10
Retail AssociateRange:$9 - $15Average:$11
Customer Service AssociateRange:$8 - $14Average:$10

How much does goodwill pay an hour?

The typical Goodwill Sales Associate salary is $11 per hour. Sales Associate salaries at Goodwill can range from $7 - $17 per hour.

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