Why are models needed?

Models have always been important in science and continue to be used to test hypotheses and predict information. Often they are not accurate because the scientists may not have all the data. It is important that scientists test their models and be willing to improve them as new data comes to light.

What is a model as used in teaching?

The term model is used to mean a teaching episode done by an experienced teacher in which a highly focussed teaching behaviour is demonstrated, in it an individual demonstrating particular patterns which the trainee learns through imitation. Thus teaching models are just instructional designs.

What are the advantages of creating a model?

Can you tell us a few advantages of creating a model?

  • They help to document the entire system.
  • They help to make templates for the construction in the system.
  • They help in the visualization of the system.
  • The structural dimensions of a system can be specified.
  • Modeling is entirely accepted by the engineering technique.
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