Do you have to be a jerk to be successful?

It doesn't mean you have to be a jerk, but it's one potential consequence. The best path is to be wise and know the type of success you are looking for, then take stock of where you are making sacrifices. If not being seen as a jerk is important to you, you'll have to adjust a little bit how you deal with others.

Why are jerks more successful?

Jerks become successful because they run their business the way they want to, with no regard for those beneath them. They know what they want, they know how to get it, and they aren't going to let anyone stand in their way; especially their team.

What does it mean to be a jerk to someone?

(US, slang, pejorative) A person with unlikable or obnoxious qualities and behavior, typically mean, self-centered, or disagreeable. I finally fired him, because he was being a real jerk to his customers, even to some of the staff. You really are a jerk sometimes.

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Is jerk a bad word yes or no?

No, it is not a swear word. It is not among the taboo words. But it is an insult when used to characterize a person. As an insult, it is almost always directed at men.

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