Why are mission statements so important?

Mission statements are an incredibly important navigational tool when you are thinking about the future of your company. By identifying the purpose of your work, you can better understand the goals your company should be committed to accomplishing. The mission statement is the bedrock of any organization.

Why is it important to have a mission and vision statement?

The mission statement provides the organization with a clear and effective guide for making decisions, while the vision statement ensures that all the decisions made are properly aligned with what the organization hopes to achieve.

What are the qualities of a good mission statement?

In order to be effective, the following characteristics of mission statement need to be present in an organization. 1. It should be feasible A mission should always aim high but it should not be an impossible statement. It should be realistic and achievable its followers must find it to be credible.

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Why do you want to join our mission?

“I see this opportunity as a way to contribute to an exciting/forward-thinking/fast-moving company/industry, and I feel I can do so by/with my … ” “I feel my skills are particularly well-suited to this position because … ”

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