Are recruiters bad for your career?

In reality, there are more good, honest job recruiters out there than bad ones. If you're looking for work or just want to see if something better is out there, a recruiter can help you get a feel for the job market and possibly help you make some great connections.

Why are recruiters hated by candidates?

Recruiters put you forward for a role, and then you never heard back from them” This is one of the most common complaints shared by candidates. It's a waste of your candidate's time. If they're currently working, they will be finding the time to step away from their desk to talk to you.

Why do clients hate recruiters?

Unresponsiveness - Clients and candidates can get away with this. Agencies CANNOT. Forgot to tell the candidate they didn't get the job - This makes me cringe when I hear a candidate tell me they never heard the end result from another recruiter. Shame on them for being too chickenhearted or inconsiderate to call.

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How are there so many recruiters?

If you are seeing a lot of recruiters popping up - that's a good sign. It could simply correlate to the improving job market and employers are looking to fill positions. My current employer advertised my position through a recruiter because he didn't have enough time to manage things and screen applicants.

Why do companies need recruiters?

The biggest reason companies decide to work with recruiting firms is to get access to top talent to hire-people they cannot find on their own. As much as we (recruiters) may like a particular candidate, if our client can get the same quality person on their own, they would not need us.

Are recruiters on your side?

Job-seekers have to remember that whether a recruiter works for an employer, for an agency or for themselves, they are still on the other side of the negotiation table from you. Whether they are internal or external recruiters, they still get paid by the employer. Every recruiter works for an employer.

How can I be a good resourcer?

  • Have good communication skills.
  • Be able to gain people's confidence and put them at ease.
  • Be persuasive, persistent and patient.
  • Be able to cope with pressure.
  • Be flexible and adaptable.
  • Have a mature personality.
  • Have good organisational and administrative skills.
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