Why did you pick the job role you picked answers?

Here's an example answer to use when you are hoping to apply your passion to your career: Example: "Growing up, I always knew I wanted a job where I could help people every day. My teachers were so instrumental in inspiring me, encouraging me and making me feel as though I could accomplish anything.

Why did I choose my major?

Talking about how you chose your major can tell the interviewer what you're passionate about and what you see in your future. For example, if you chose to major in computer science because you've loved fixing and building computers since you were a teenager, that bodes well for your interest in a job in IT.

Why do you deserve this position answers?

"I deserve this job because I could be a great fit to your company culture, especially at your customer service desk. My strong communication and interpersonal skills allow me to help any customer I encounter with enthusiasm and attention to detail, which I believe are important for effective customer service."

Related Question why should we pick you for the job

Why should we hire you when we have applicants with more experience or better credentials?

Show Your Confidence

Therefore, you want to exude confidence and enthusiasm for the type of work you will be doing. You may not actually be the most experienced or qualified individual for the job, but if you show you believe you are the most qualified, then it is going to impress the interviewer.

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