Why would you be a valuable member of the team?

Being a valuable team member means you can offer a trait that others don't have, allowing you to fill in the blanks where they are lacking. Teams work best when different individuals bring different skills to the table, making the group a powerful unit that can tackle any problem that may arise.

How do you prove you are a good team member?

Be Open-minded. Part of being a team player is being open to other people's ideas and perspectives. That means honing your listening skills and being receptive to feedback from co-workers. So, instead of getting defensive when you receive constructive criticism, see what you can glean from their advice.

What is a successful team member?

An effective team member is not just one who contributes the work they have been asked to do but someone who can make the team better than the sum of its parts, either by contributing creatively to problem solving, having the interest and insight to assist with identifying risk or just bringing a positive attitude and

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